What are the top 100 baby names?

The yearly list of most popular baby girl and baby boy names! 



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The top 100 baby names for this year – see 1000 Popular Baby Names broken down by year.1000 Popular Baby Names


The top 100 baby names have changed quite a bit over the years. Names like Michael and Joshua for boys, or Sarah and Emily for girls have remained popular year-over-year, but others on the list have only recently gained in popularity. Have a name in mind? Take a look at this year’s list of the top 100 baby names and see where your little one’s (or future little one) name ranks. Planning for the future and looking for name ideas? If you’re really adventurous you can even view the 1000 Popular Baby Names list for a whole lot of baby name ideas! 




Keeping tab of the top 100 baby names


the top 100 baby names and how they change 

Many factors have contributed to the rise and fall of baby names on the top 100 baby names yearly list. Popular Baby Names list. In fact, the 1000 Popular Baby Names over time has changed quite a bit over the decades. Historical figures, political leaders, and celebrities of the moment all can play a major role in the popularity shift of Top 100 Baby Names in the UK, in the US, and in most countries. When viewing the baby list you many notice several names stayed the course over time while others have come and gone quickly. Take a look and see just where you or a loved one places on this year’s top 100 list!

See the Top 100 Baby Names in the UK, US and More! 

1000 Popular Baby Names – A lot of Name Ideas!

If viewing the top 100 baby names isn’t enough then take a peek at the most recent list of 1000 Popular Baby Names compiled for baby name enthusiasts! It might be a bit much for most, but baby name enthusiasts may find delight in such a long list of names. Whichever your pleasure, we hope you enjoy seeing the yearly rankings of where your friends, children and other family members fit. Don’t forget to check back often as the new lists are added!

The list of top 100 baby names 
(or 1000 Popular Baby Names if you have some extra time!)

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